Corrosion Prevention

Cathodic Protection

Our goal is to provide cost-effective cathodic protection services to our customers that maintain their equipment, meet requirements, minimize liability, and reduce the environmental costs of future corrosion-related failures.

CT&T performs required periodic testing and certification of your existing sacrificial or impressed current cathodic protection system. Our STI and NACE certified technicians ensure your system properly protects against corrosion.

CT&T evaluates steel components for corrosion if they have not been cathodically protected. Based on our findings, a NACE certified individual will design the ideal system for your site. CT&T will install and certify the system.


ULSD Anti-Corrosion/Anti-Fungal Fuel Management

Managing Ultra-Low Sulfer Diesel (ULSD) and Biodiesel Fuel Quality and Performance

The Problem: Changes in fuel can negatively impact systems. 

ULSD is different chemically than prior diesel fuels, and if left untreated, the chemical differences can accelerate corrosion of your equipment. ULSD has a lighter density, increasing the fuel’s affinity for moisture, which can cause corrosion. The reduced sulfur may also decrease resistance to microbial growth.

The Solution: Treating Fuel to Protect Equipment. 

CT&T offers a preventative maintenance program to eliminate the premature failure of system components caused by accelerated corrosion and microbial attack. We test for the presence of microbes, treat the fuel as necessary, and recommend a preventative maintenance treatment cycle appropriate to your system.