Tank Cleaning and Fuel Filtration

Tank Cleaning

Cleaning Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks

Changes in fuel present new challenges for fuel storage. The new fuels are more unstable and prone to contamination. Dirty tanks degrade fuel, and tank owners are looking for answers. Often the solution requires completely cleaning the tank; a task made difficult by limited entry options into storage tanks. CT&T uses the most efficient cleaning method utilizing the latest technology. A clean tank ensures your stored fuel will perform as expected. 

Non-Entry UST Cleaning

CT&T uses Gamajet products which clean any size fuel tank, quickly, thoroughly, and without cutting and/or entry. This efficient method utilizes the latest technology. In many cases the fuel is used as a cleaning agent, avoiding the introduction of foreign materials. The fuel powers the fluid-driven Gamajet in its 360-degree pattern, scouring the tank clean. The equipment polishes all fuel before returning it to the tank.

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Complete Manned Entry Cleaning

In situations where tank cleaning requires entry into the tank, CT&T provides manned cleaning for both underground and above ground storage tanks.

Our team will safely enter the tank either through an existing manway or by cutting the tank if required. We clean by powerwashing, scouring, or squeegee, as indicated by the tank material and condition. Tanks are closed with new manway bolts and gaskets (manways can be installed in tanks that require cutting) and fuel is thoroughly polished before returning it to the tank.

Fuel Filtration & Polishing

CT&T provides complete fuel filtration and polishing to remove small particulates and water. This process is a cost-effective way to salvage fuel that has been contaminated by bacteria or fungal growth.

Our equipment draws fuel directly from the tank and passes it through a series of filters to eliminate particulate material as small as 1 micron. The fuel then goes through coalescing filters to remove water before it is recirculated back into the tank.