Cathodic Protection

Protect your systems

All metal that comes in contact with the ground corrodes, that's just the natural world at work. Cathodic protection systems minimize corrosion and prevent the loss of metal integrity, which could lead to the release of stored product into the environment.

Testing for corrosion

At CT&T our goal is to provide cost-effective cathodic protection services that maintain equipment, meet requirements, minimize liability, and reduce the potential environmental impact of future corrosion-related failures. We test and certify existing sacrificial or impressed current cathodic protection systems to ensure your investment is protected.

For metallic systems that have not previously been cathodically protected, CT&T evaluates steel components for corrosion.  Based on our findings, a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified individual will design the ideal system for your site.  CT&T technicians will install, test, adjust, and certify the system.